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eating_right's Journal

Keeping Up With What We Eat
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The main goal for this community is to attain and maintain an ideal and healthy body weight. We welcome anyone wanting to lose or gain weight or simply wanting to eat healthier and stay fit. We want to support those choosing to step up to the plate and take an active role in their health and encourage everyone's successes and attempts.


1. Be Respectful Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but if it gets out of hand and is reduced to trolling, name-calling, and general immaturity or hatefulness, we will not hesitate to ban you. Hateful words, slander, name-calling, and picking fights WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

2. Pictures Behind A Cut Please be kind and keep pictures behind cuts, particularly if they are large or plentiful. We don't want to force people to have to wait for pictures to download or have their friends page dedicated to just one post. The tags for a cut can be found under LJ Help, FAQ.

3. No Spam If it's not related to this community, there is no place for it here. Advertising of similar communities to eating_right is permitted.

We hope you enjoy yourself here and find the support and inspiration you want or need to lead a healthier life!

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